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Claudus is latin for "lame", most people don't know that, and end up calling me "Claudius"... which also is kind of lame, but I guess that's kind of what I'm going for anyway.

I probably won't update very often, I just needed a place to put some stuff I've done.

Hollow Prophet
I didn't start out hating... it grew on me over time. In fact, I can't even remember when it started. Not that it really matters. I only know that now I hate more often, and I'm sure that I will soon hate all the time.

I am slowly updating and adding new content. OMG I'm going to add a blog to slay you all.

I am Krutt from the Elendor MUSH, feel free to check out my RP logs and PennMUSH code objects... and of course my wonderful ooc mishaps and adventures!

I am the Great and Powerful Wizard Merloc Kole of The Rathe...