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Hello, this is my unoriginal log of things that I write down.

Xbox 360 Controller Drivers for Windows 2003 - February 3rd, 2013

If you want to install Xbox360 controller drivers for Win2003, you'll have some trouble. There are some alternate drivers at, but these don't seem to work properly with Steam games (the A, B buttons are crossed on many games, etc.).

Attempting to install the WinXP drivers will result in an error telling you that your OS (Win2003) is not supported. However you can still install them with a little effort.

1. Download the WinXP drivers at:

2. Begin the install, and when the error message appears, find the temporary install directory (e.g. c:\0cad1412bf6876290457ea23a9\)

3. Copy the "xbox360" directory from the temporary install directory to somewhere else (e.g. c:\drivers\).

4. Connect your Xbox controller and update (or install) the drivers, select manual / have disk options until you are prompted for a driver location, navigate to the location where the drivers are installed (e.g. C:\driver\xbox360\setup\files\driver\vista_xp).

5. Complete the installation, and you should have working (official) Xbox360 controller drivers installed on Windows 2003.

Knowledge Destroys Hope - June 8th, 2008

The synaptic seepage in my cerebellum has been gone for quite a while now. It was rather annoying; especially the radiations that demanded sleep.

I grasped the fourth level of understanding, only to recoil in sorrow. Things fall apart... The system is understood and deconstructed; all of its flaws glaringly visible. Would it have been better to continue understanding at the third level, or the first for that matter? I sense the fifth level, and a fork... Deconstruction, reconstruction, and a never ending spiraling cycle of understanding. If the other tine leads to perfection, is there anything left... I am not anxious to proceed.

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